The Smartpath Information Systems Assets

  • Being the smartpath faculty as my 1st ever job ,it will always be close to my heart .During my tenure at smartpath ,i have got and learnt a lot of things. I am very thankful to smartpath for having so much trust ,faith and believe in me.thank you very much.The one thing that I personally belive that one day The Smartpath is gona be one of the most renowned organization of bhilai, one of the most renowned organization of chhattisgarh, and one of the most renowned organization of ALL OVER INDIA ,and i always be associated with Smartpath with any way possible i could.

    Thanks a lot SMARTPATH.
  • Lakhan Prajapati

  • I liked working here.The Smartpath atmosphere is very nice.Every person here is very nice and helpful. Shraddha mam and Animesh Jain Sir has provided me great help and support to work this environment. I will remember it always in my life.
    My regards to The Smartpath Information System that it grows day by day. Thanks to SMARTPATH.

  • Alina das

  • My heartiest gratitude to Smartpath information system for aiding me with the best of their resources which served optimum for me in achieving this certification.
    Sincere thanks to Mrs. shraddha mam for helping me throughout with the finest of her guidance and support.

  • Pooja Chauhan