• Faculty : All faculty members are having rich IT industry experience, in a number of technical and managerial roles at senior positions.
  • Extensive discussions and experience sharing by trainers.
  • The Course material is been developed in accordance with Oracle University pattern.
  • Complete theoretical and practical knowledge will be delivered.
  • Students will get opportunities to work on live projects and get acquainted with real time industry scenario.


  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Features
  • Uses
  • Environment Set Up
  • Variables
  • Using Commands(managing,creating,input,output,etc)

Data Type and Operators

  • Creating and Running M-Script File
  • Data Type Availabale in Matlab
  • Conversion
  • Determination
  • Operators(Arithmetic,logical,relation)
  • Functions of Operators
  • Logical Operations
  • Bitwise Operations

Decision Making and Looping

  • The Control-Flow Program Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Branching Statements

Vector and Matrix

  • Row and Column Vectors
  • Vector Operations
  • Refrencing of Row and Column
  • Deleting of Row and Column
  • Matrix Operations
Data Plotting

  • Import Text Data Files
  • Exporting Data to Text Files
  • Adding Title,Labels,Grid Lines
  • Scaling on Graphs
  • Setting Colours and Axis Scales
  • Drawing Bar Charts and Contours

Graphics and Algebra

  • Solving Basic Algebraic Equations
  • Solving Basic Quradtic Equations
  • Factorizations and Simplification
  • Calculating of Limits
  • Derivatives of Exponential
  • Lograthmic and Trigonomertic Functions
  • Definite and Indefinite Integral
  • Evaluating Polynomials
  • Plunomial Curve Fitting


  • Simulations
  • Model-Based Design Enviornment
* All the courses in Vocational training includes live projects.