• Faculty : All faculty members are having rich IT industry experience, in a number of technical and managerial roles at senior positions.
  • Extensive discussions and experience sharing by trainers.
  • The Course material is been developed in accordance with Oracle University pattern.
  • Complete theoretical and practical knowledge will be delivered.
  • Students will get opportunities to work on live projects and get acquainted with real time industry scenario.
  • Complete concepts of java technologies.
  • Complete certification syllabus of OCJP exam.
  • Numerous Case Studies.


Section 1:- Declarations, Initializations and scoping

  • Classes (including abstract and all forms of nested classes) Interfaces, enums and includes the appropriate use of packages, and impart statements (including static imparts)
  • Interfaces (implements or extends)
  • Primitives data types, arrays, variables
  • Static & non-static methods
  • Overriding & over loading
  • Constructors

Section 2:- Flow Central

  • If and switch statement
  • loops X initiators (do, while, labels, break and centime)
  • Assertions
  • Exceptions loading (try, catch, finally, throw, and throws)

Sections 3:- API contents

  • Primitive wrapper classes (Boolean, character, double, integer etc), string, string Builder & string Buffer.
  • File System (Reader and Writer)
  • Format string (%d, %c, %b, %f, %s)

Section 4:- Concurrency

  • Thread (java long: Thread)
  • All methods (wait, notify, and notify all)

Section 5:- OO Concepts

  • Tight encapsulation, loose coupling, high cohesions
  • Polymorphism
  • Modifiers on inheritance W.r. to constructers
  • is-a and has-a relationship.

Section 6:- Collections/Generics.

  • Design Scenario
  • Hash code and equals methods (correct X incorrect aver rides)
  • Set implementation (set, tree, set, hash set)

Section 7:- Fundamentals.

  • Access modifiers package declaration, impart statement
  • Passed parameters.
  • Garbage collections (object, finalize () method)
  • Compile program using class path (.jar file)

Special Benefits:

  • Placement assistance for certified students.
  • Test series(over 2000 question).